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From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Wed Jul 16 02:30:58 1997
From: Shannon VanHemert <pyowner@nysernet.org>
Subject: New PUBYAC configuration and software

Dear PUBYACers,

You might have noticed a hiatus of PUBYAC over the last few days. This is
what I warned you about a week or so ago. Nysernet has changed the
listserve software that we've been using and has switched to one called
Majordomo. They have had to fiddle with my account and fiddle with a few
other things, and I have had to learn a whole batch of new tricks with
more to come. I'm not even sure this message will go through.

SO! Because of all the technical difficulties, any messages you have sent
since 7/11/97 are probably lost in hyperspace. Please resend them to the
same address as always: pubyac@nysernet.org and I apologize for any

I will be REVISING the Welcome and the Info files, and will send out a new
copy of the WELCOME message to everyone when I get things figured out.
For the most part, commands to the listserv will remain the same. If you
have any troubles, let me know at pyowner@nysernet.org There are still
a few bugs (for example, I can't delete any e-mail from my account right
not, rather a large problem). Anticipate a bit of a bumpy ride for the
next week--they didn't ask if I wanted to switch. And thanks for your

Shannon VanHemert
PUBYAC Moderator


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:11:17 1997
From: Robin Del Guidice <guidicr@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us>
Subject: Name Song

I'm doing a program in a couple weeks about names. Does anyone have a song
for early elementary kids that uses names? I seem to recall one (other
than the 50's song) that takes a name and rearranges the syllables. TIA

Robin Del Guidice "Many things we need can
Youth Services Specialist wait, children cannot...
Peninsular Branch Library To them we cannot say
Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library tomorrow, their name is
guidicr@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us today."
Gabriela Mistral


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:11:23 1997
From: Cindy Lunghofer <CLUN5944@URIACC.URI.EDU>
ubject: Outsourcing collection development

I am a MLS student at University of Rhode Island and I need some help!
I must represent the pro side of a debate on outsourcing collection development
and I find very little that is PRO for the subject. If there is anyone out th
ere in cyberspace who has successfully used outsourcing for this purpose
I would greatly appreciate your information regarding your experiences with
vendors, the patron reactions (did they even notice?), and the general d
departmental feelings about this. Please reply to me directly at the
above address. Thank you in advance for your time and help -
Cindy Lunghofer, URI and Barrington Public Library


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:11:16 1997
From: Victoria Kozich <vkozich@amon.pub-lib.ci.fort-worth.tx.us>
ubject: Reading club incentives

Hello everyone. I am a children's librarian in the city of Fort Worth,
Texas and am also a member of our incentives committee for our YEAR ROUND
READING CLUB which began in June. We are facing a dilemma and are
needing assistance. We are wondering how the rest of you out there are
handling your incentives for your reading clubs. The way ours works is
that for every 10 books the child reads or for every 10 hours the child
spends reading, they get a prize. This is to go on till April of 98.
Obviously, we are facing the problems of our children already in July
having gone through our entire supply of incentives. The city does not
fund our reading program and we are responsible for getting our own
incentives. Businesses are tired of us begging for things every year
(and this is our first year of year round, before it was only 2 and a
half months!) Furthermore, children are abusing our system and not
reading books. We have a lot of kids who just write down the titles of
30 or so books every day and come in for a prize. We are not book police
we feel, so we have to give them their incentive. WE NEED HELP! Help us
break our current paradigm and give us some ideas to solve this year
round incentive problem. How are you all doing it? Any comments or
suggestions can be sent to vkozich@amon.pub-lib.ci.fort-worth.tx.us
The children's librarians from the city of Fort Worth thank you in advance.

-Victoria Kozich

* Views represented are strictly personal and *DO NOT* *
* represent those of the Fort Worth Public Library. *


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:11:16 1997
From: ROXANNE BURG <RBURG@mx.tol.lib.ca.us>
Subject: Computer Furniture

We are looking for some child-sized computer furniture and wondered if
anyone on PUBYAC had any recommendations for manufacturers or

Specifically, we are interested in attractive pieces for OPACs and
stand-alones which hide or store the wires and connections
out-of-reach and harm's way. We are not interested in open or rolling

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at rburg@mx.tol.lib.ca.us.

Roxanne Burg
Sr. Librarian, Children's Services
Thousand Oaks Library


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:11:17 1997
From: Sarah Hudson <shudson@plcmc.lib.nc.us>
Subject: Chat lines and MUDS


I will resend this message.

When our regional branch opened last September, we had very few rules governing use of the internet. Our primary rule was: no displaying of sexually graphic materials, and unlimited use, as long as no one needed a machine. If all machines were full, the person with the earliest sign in time was bumped. We could do this at our branch, because we have a separate computer lab with 15 PC terminals. Policy and time limits were not standardized across the system.

Well, since we are located directly across the street from a large high school, and situated in the middle of subdivisions and apartment complexes, we were bombarded with internet users. The primary problems we encountered from teenagers were related to chat lines. A group would come over, get on the
computer next to each other, and than write to each other. They would talk
dirty, use four letter words, and basically be silly. The problem was that they
were talking loud, shouting across the room, laughing loud, and using four letter
words. We were constantly discipling people. Other users were disturbed,
and still others were too intimidated to come in.

Several occurrences encouraged a more strict internet policy systemwide. In
order to provide internet access as a research tool, time limits of 1 to 2 hours
have been instituted. Chat lines are not permitted, unless they are related to
research. This can include hobbies, medical info, school info, etc. But not
chatting for Chatting sake. One site to look out for is www.arcadium.com. This
site has several chat rooms, including sexually explicit chat rooms, one is
called 69.

Patrons 12 and under must have a parent with them while using the internet. Patrons 13-17 must have a parent's signature on file to use internet without a parent present. 18 and up can sign on. Each time a 18 and older user wants to use the internet, they must either sign that they agree to our internet policies, or they may take a signed form and get an internet access form.

We permit games, but the teenagers don't seem to play MUDS. It is the 20-40 year olds that play MUDS. They can play until their time is up.

At our branch, since internet use is in such demand, during the school year, we have a study hour in our lab. From 3-7 PM, the following internet searches
are not permitted: Chat of any kind, lyrics sites, video/music sites, and games. We also have 25 CD rom products loaded on these computers, including Encyclopedias, career exploration sources, college sources, and other research tools. Student Writing Center Word Processing program is in there as well, and that is used regularly.

If anyone wants a copy of our internet policy, please contact me, and I will send you our form.

I guess the thing that works for us is the time limit and the restrictions.

The teens are much better behaved, now that they have some clear limits. The staff is getting along much better with the YA patrons because of the limits.

Hope this helps anyone.

Sarah Hudson
Information Specialist
Independence Regional Library
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

These opinions are my own, and do not reflect those of PLCMC


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:11:47 1997
From: AYERS Susan J <Susan.J.AYERS@co.multnomah.or.us>
Subject: Job Opportunities

Multnomah County is now accepting applications for the following:

LIBRARIAN 1 & 2 (Full Time) Provide professional reference service in
Central Library (Children's, Science & Business, Humanities, Periodicals,
or Popular Library) or Branch Youth Services (birth through high school);
conduct reference interviews; locate materials; access information using
print and electronic tools; plan and implement programs and training
sessions. No experience required; must be within three months of
receiving ALA accredited master's degree; starting salary $16.17 - $21.91
per hour, plus excellent benefits. Application deadline is August 8 and
information and materials available at www.multnomah.lib.or.us/jobs/, in
person or send self-addressed, stamped envelope to Multnomah County
Employee Services, 1120 SW 5th Ave., Room 1430, P.O. Box 14700, Portland,
OR 97293-0700.

LIBRARIAN 1 & 2 - School Corps Program (Full Time) Pilot project where
four School Corps librarians provide information, services and training
to students and staff in Multnomah County K-12 public and private
schools; conduct training sessions, workshops and demonstrations on using
electronic information tools, using the library for research, tours of
facilities, etc.; create booklists and pathfinders; storytelling;
booktalking; and other duties. No experience required; must be within
three months of receiving ALA accredited master's degree; starting salary
$16.17 - $21.91 per hour plus excellent benefits. Application deadline
is August 8 and information and materials available at
www.multnomah.lib.or.us/jobs/, in person, or mail stamped, self-addressed
envelope to Multnomah County Employee Services, 1120 SW 5th Ave., Room
1430, P.O. Box 14700, Portland, OR 97293-0700.


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:12:17 1997
From: Siwak <siwakk@sls.lib.il.us>
Subject: BIB: Star Wars Books in Chronological Order (fwd)

Finally, here is the list of Star Wars Books, movies, etc., that I've put
together from the many responses I received. I am crossing my fingers that it
is 100% correct -- at times the different lists I was sent disagreed on the
exact order. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to respond with
their fantastic lists. This list mentions the graphic novels that people
were aware of. Someone also sent me a list of the individual comics as
well, so if anyone would like that, I could forward them a copy.

Tales of the Jedi: The Collection (graphic novel)
Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith (graphic novel)
Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War (graphic novel)

Star Wars: Episode I, The Balance of the Force (movie, coming soon)
Star Wars: Episode II, Rise of the Empire (movie, coming soon)
Star Wars: Episode III, Fall of the Jedi (movie, coing soon)

The Adventures of Lando Calrissian (novels)
Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu, Lando Calrissian and the
Flamewind of Oseon, Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka

Han Solo Trilogy (novels)
The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, Rebel Dawn

The Han Solo Adventures (novels)
Han Solo at Star's End, Han Solo's Revenge, Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Droids: The Kalarba Adventure (graphic novel)

Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire

Star Wars: A New Hope (movie, novel)

Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina (novel, takes place during Star Wars)

Galaxy of Fear Series (novels)
Eaten Alive, City of the Dead, Planet Plague, Nightmare Machine

Classic Star Wars (graphic novels)
The Early Adventures, Deadly Pursuits, The Rebel Storm, Escape to Hoth

Splinter of the Mind's Eye (novel, graphic novel). This was submitted as
the script for the second Star Wars movie, but was rejected. As a
result, the plot doesn't always fit in with everything that has happened
since Star Wars: A New Hope.

The Empire Strikes Back (movie, novel)

Tales of the Bounty Hunters (novel, takes place during The Empire Strikes

Shadows of the Empire (novel, also available in a children's version)

Return of the Jedi (movie, novel)

Tales from Jaba's Palace (novel, takes place during Return of the Jedi

Truce at Bakura (novel, takes place immediately after ROTJ)

Star Wars - The Adventure Continues (novels)
The Glove of Darth Vader, The Lost City of the Jedi, Zorba the Hutt's
Revenge, Mission from Mount Yoda, Queen of the Empire, Prophets of the
Dark Side

X-Wing Series (novels, take place 2.5 years after ROTJ)
Rogue Squadron, Wedge's Gamble, The Krytos Trap, The Bacta War

The Courtship of Princess Leia (novel, takes place 4 years after ROTJ)

Zahn's Star Wars Trilogy (novels, take place 5 years after ROTJ)
Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command

Dark Empire (graphic novel)
Dark Empire II (graphic novel)

Jedi Academy Trilogy (novels, take place 7 years after ROTJ)
Jedi Search, Dark Apprentice, Champions of the Force

The Callista Trilogy (novels, take place 8 years after ROTJ)
Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, Planet of Twilight

The Crystal Star (novel, takes place 12 years after ROTJ)

Black Fleet Crisis (novels, take place 12 years after ROTJ)
Before the Storm, Shield of Lies, Tyrant's Test

The New Rebellion (novel, takes place 13 years after ROTJ)

Correllian Trilogy (novels, take place 14 years after ROTJ)
Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, Showdown at Centerpoint

The Hand of Thrawn (novels)
Specter of the past, The Hand of Thrawn (neither are publ. yet)

Young Jedi Knights (novels, take place approx. 15 years after ROTJ)
Heirs of the Force, Shadow Academy, The Lost Ones, Light Sabers,
Darkest Knight, Jedi Under Seige, Shards of Alderaan, Diversity
Alliance, Delusion of Grandeur, Jedi Bounty (not publ. yet),
Emperor's Plague (not publ. yet)

Junior Jedi Knights (novels, take place approx. 18 years after ROTJ)
The Golden Globe, Lyric's World, Promises, Anakin's Quest,
Vader's Fortress, Kenobi's Blade (not publ. yet)

Star Wars Chronology (novel)

Star Wars: Episode VII
Star Wars: Episode VIII
Star Wars: Episode IX
Hope this helps!

Karen J. Siwak
Young Adult Librarian
Tinley Park Public Library


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:12:43 1997
From: "Kathy George" <kgeorge@xyz.net>
Subject: (Fwd) Stumper--Magic Bookshop

Our director is trying to recall the title of a loosely related series
of adventure/fantasy books, 4th-6th grade level, that she read during
1955-1960. A young boy protagonist visits a magic or haunted bookshop
in the city. He meets a mysterious old man proprietor and is
magically transported to the Caribbean or a tropical island for
mystery/adventure involving voodoo and perhaps talking animals, or the
hero takes an animal form. He returns to the normal world until the
next adventure.

Thanks for your collective memory.

Kathy George

Homer Public Library
141 West Pioneer Avenue
Homer, AK 99603


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:13:00 1997
From: Maya_SPECTOR@city.palo-alto.ca.us (Maya SPECTOR)
SUBJECT: Asian language translations

Hello -

I'm repeating this message at Shannon's request - hope you don't get it
twice. I have a patron looking for children's and YA fiction (not
folklore) translated into English from any Asian language. My
searching (including the PUBYAC archives) hasn't gotten me anywhere.
Do you know of any, or better still, know where I might find a list of them?

Maya Spector
Palo Alto Children's Library


From owner-pubyac@nysernet.org Thu Jul 17 01:13:18 1997
From: Kate Houston <kateho@nethost.multnomah.lib.or.us>
Subject: snips and snaps and puppy dog tails...

We recently received a reference question asking for the meaning of the
word "snaps" in Robert Southey's "What little boys are made of" nursery
rhyme/Mother Goose. While researching, I found that sometimes the word
"snips" is used in place of "snaps." In even later versions it is "frogs
and snails and puppy dog tails," and "snakes and snails and puppy dog

Does anyone know what "snaps" and/or "snips" refers to?


Kate Houston Youth Librarian
Multnomah County Library Children's Library, Central
(503)248-5235 801 SW 10th Portland OR 97205

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb.
That's where the fruit is."