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From: "PUBYAC: PUBlic librarians serving Young Adults and Children" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
To: "PUBYAC: PUBlic librarians serving Young Adults and Children" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 11:01 PM
Subject: PUBYAC digest 1204

    PUBYAC Digest 1204

Topics covered in this issue include:

  1) Starting a Chess Club
by Genie DuPell <egdupell@yahoo.com>
  2) Re: Writing Group Compilation, anyone?
  3) touchy subject post request
by Mitzi Thomas <mthomas@co.st-johns.fl.us>
  4) Re: Re touchy question - the group in question is NOT being
by Jennifer Baker <jbaker93711@yahoo.com>

From: Genie DuPell [mailto:egdupell@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 1:28 PM
To: PUBYAC@prairienet.org
Subject: Starting a Chess Club

I am interested in starting some kind of chess group
at my library. Has anyone had success with a chess
club or drop in chess group for children/teens at your
library? If so, what is the format of the group? Do
children just drop in and play or do you have someone
give instruction each time?

I am thinking of having an organizational meeting next
month and maybe see if there are any parents who play
chess that might be interested in helping.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. I
play chess and could teach the basics.

Please e-mail me at egdupell@yahoo.com and I will post
a compilation of responses.

Thank you!
Genie DuPell,
Youth Services Librarian
Fayetteville Free Library
Fayetteville, NY

From: TEACHINGTALES@aol.com [mailto:TEACHINGTALES@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 5:17 PM
To: pubyac@prairienet.org; PUBYAC@prairienet.org
Subject: Re: Writing Group Compilation, anyone?

In a message dated 9/7/2003 1:47:21 PM Eastern Standard Time,
nvitavec@fastmail.fm writes:

> Some months back a pubyacker put together a compilation of children's
> writing group ideas. I thought I had tucked it away someplace safe.
> Nope! I've looked high and low for it. If anybody still has it, could
> they send it to me?

Hello all,

I was offlist for a bit and missed this as well. I would love to have the
compilation if anyone still has it. Many thanks.


From: Mitzi Thomas [mailto:mthomas@co.st-johns.fl.us]
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 5:18 PM
To: 'pubyac@prairienet.org'
Subject: touchy subject post request

I am glad that ALL responses were posted.  I learned much  by reading all of
the responses and think that I could judge which respondents were being
subjective. However, I believe it was good practice for having to handle
this problem in real time with real patrons.  Thanks to Jennifer for posting
and thanks to all who took the time to answer even those whose answers I
didn't like.  For me all of it was helpful.
Mitzi Thomas

From: Jennifer Baker [mailto:jbaker93711@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 5:18 PM
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: Re: Re touchy question - the group in question is NOT being

i'm finding that this discussion is getting further
and further away from my original question. at this
point i am both being accused of and defended for
things i didn't say.

--- Wanda Peterson <wandasway2003@yahoo.com> wrote:
> The original poster, Jennifer, stated very clearly
> that the group of
> mentally challenged adults in question is under the
> constant supervision of
> caregivers and are in no way being disruptive or
> doing anything to bother
> any of the other patrons.

actually what i said was:

"several of them mumble a lot and one occasionally
howls or moans."

maybe i downplayed the fact that this is disruptive
but in fact it can be.

the other thing i take issue with as a person who has
taken graduate level sociology courses on human
behavior is the statement that "being uncomfortable
with a certain group of people for no other reason
than that they are different is called prejudice, or

bigotry implies intolerance by its literal
definition--looking at it socially it also extends to
hatred and extreme prejudice. however jumping from
discomfort with diversity to bigotry is far too

discomfort with differences makes us human not

some of you may be much better humans than i so i
guess i'll have to beg your patience.


fresno co. public library

"I may not be an explorer or an adventurer or a treasure seeker or a gun
fighter Mr. O' Connell, but I am proud of what I am." "And what is that?" "I
am a librarian!"
~ Evelyn, The Mummy

End of PUBYAC Digest 1204